Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chicken Invasion on Field Trip

OHmiGosh I have to blog to tell you all about our recent field trip to the museum. We had a planetarium show and then toured the various exhibits in the museum. When it was time for lunch, we decided to eat outside on the courtyard that had these ginormous cement steps. We thought that it was the perfect place to eat since it was such a nice day.

So we all sit down, open our lunches and the kids start screaming, "chiiiickeeeen!!!" lol

The teacher in us wanted to protect all of our babies from these pesky animals, so all of the teachers are trying like crazy to shoo them away but before we know it, we have about 5 chickens that are looking very hungry for our lunches. Before we know it, we have 7 chickens and they're getting closer and closer to us. The museum staff informed us that the chickens are harmless and that they won't bother us. (Yeah right!! Lol) One of those hungry chickens hopped all the way down beside one of our kids and stole her sandwich!!! We were all in shock that the chickens had the nerve to get that close. I felt so bad that the little girls sandwich was gone but I told her that she will remember that story for the rest of her life. So when we ask our students what the highlight of their trip was, they don't remember anything but the chicken invasion!!! It sure was fun!! Does anyone else have any crazy field trip stories?


Sarah Mackey said...

OMG, that is hilarious!!!! I am not a fan of chickens!!

Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

That's funny! Thank you for sharing the pic! At least it wasn't roosters...


The 3AM Teacher

Run Teacher, Run! said...

Too funny! Your blog is just AWESOME! Just wanted to stop by and nominate you for a Top 10 Blogger Award!

Stop by my blog to get it! Thanks for all of the inspiration.

Mary Beth
Run Teacher, Run

Michelle McElhinny said...

Ohhhhh, my very first nomination!!! Thank you so much!!! That is sooo exciting!!