Saturday, May 17, 2014

Reflections and Under Water Graphing

As we are approaching the end of the school year, I have been reflecting on my year as a teacher, a mother, and a wife.  It has been a different kind of year for me with many changes:
I am about to finish my first year of teaching at a new school and I'm so happy that this opportunity fell into my lap.  I have made some great friendships and am fortunate to have a wonderful grade level that supports my opinions and decisions.  I can't wait to find out what the next school year will bring. I'm already thinking about how to rearrange my classroom. :-)
My son, Gavin, started kindergarten this year and will soon be a big first grader.  He continues to amaze me and reminds me every so often that he's growing up.  I guess he thinks it's funny to see my reaction of grief, because I just want him to stay little.  He continues to tell me that after first grade, he will be in 2nd...3rd...4th...5th...and so on!  Landen, my 3 year old, is always trying to be like his big brother.  He is intrigued in whole "going to school" thing and can't wait to come to the "big boy" school.  He's my challenge but always keeps life interesting.
My husband and I bought a house right next to my new school and I couldn't be happier to be so close.  It makes my commute to and from school much easier!  I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and that has caused the most changes in my life.  It has really been a challenge to deal with but my husband has been so supportive and gentle.  I am so grateful to have him right by my side, taking care of me and really focusing on my well being.  I think that this has had a great impact on me as a wife and it has allowed me to take advantage of each day that is given to me.

Now onto the Under Water Graphing smart board lessons!!
I just recently finished this smart board presentation to go with our graphing unit.  It's one of the few products that I have posted this year.  Click on the picture above to check it out in my TPT store.  I'm hoping that I will have more time this summer to get caught up and make some new and exciting products for you to explore.  There are some really cute and engaging slides that will keep your students excited about graphing each day!  Here's what's included:
There are several videos and video clips embedded on each of the pages.  I have also included a link to an online graphing website that will allow you to create your own graph!!  It's super cool!!  
 Your students will learn about the different kinds of graphs and how to read them.  They will learn how to create a graph and how to compare the data.  The best part of the presentation will be the last two activities!!  Your students will love the spin and graph game!!  You can use this game as a math center and they can click on numerous links to play some graphing games.
I hope you all enjoy your students for the next few days/weeks of school!  Hopefully they aren't too crazy for you!  Just remember that you are leaving your mark on each and every one of them.  They will remember you for the rest of their life.  That's one of the best parts of being a teacher!  
Have a wonderful week!  Summer is almost here!