Thursday, January 2, 2014

Catching Up and Cupcake Fractions

I hope you all had a restful winter break and spent some quality time with your family.  I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't have to go back until Monday.  We spent a week visiting our family in Pennsylvania and got to enjoy some snow on Christmas morning.  Santa treated my boys well this year and it was awesome to have them both understand the whole present thing. It makes me sad that they are growing so fast!  Gavin is 6 now and is in kindergarten!  I'm fortunate enough to be able to teach at the same school that he now attends.  Being only 4 doors down from him makes me much less worried about him (even though he was blessed with an amazing teacher).  My other little boy, Landen, is now 3 and has been keeping our new nanny on her toes. 

This past year has been quite a treat for my family.  We have had quite a few fortunate events and a couple of unfortunate ones.  I think the best one was getting a new job that's only a mile from my house...saves on gas AND I get to be with my baby boy!  I know that everyone has a plan in life and it's amazing to see everything fall into place.  As we enter 2014, I'm hoping for even more good things to come!!

Now to the good stuff!!  I've been working on some cool products over break and with all the organizing I've been getting done around the house it's taking me a little longer than expected.  Here's a little teaser to keep you downloading and YES it's another FREEBIE for you to enjoy.  Click on the picture below to download this QR code math center game.

Enjoy your weekend!

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