Saturday, February 2, 2013

Phil, Polar Bear's, and a SUPER SALE

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Groundhog Day was an extra special celebration because the famous groundhog, Phil, was just a few hours away.  When I was in high school, some people would even head to Gobbler's Knob for the day to catch Phil's prediction first hand.  We have been working on missing number word problems in math, so I decided to create a groundhog craftivity that incorporates missing subtrahend word problems.  I actually used it as an assessment tool to see what my students knew and what they needed to work on.  You can click HERE to download Phil's Blackberries.

  Even though Phil saw his shadow this year, which means that Spring is right around the corner, you can still get in one last winter animal activity.  Polar Bear's Missing Numbers is a math game containing  missing number and simple addition/subtraction word problems with matching fact cards. Click HERE to download.
We used "Polar Bear's Missing Numbers" as a cooperative learning team game and I helped my students create their own learning teams.  I had students volunteer to be the group leaders:  First, I chose 4 "readers" (they read the story problem)...they chose a table for their team.  Next, I chose 4 "writers" (they record the work for the problem)...they chose reader to sit with.  Then, I chose 4 "walkers" (they walk the answers to me to be checked)...they chose which team they wanted to join.  The readers from each group then chose the team "helpers" from the remaining students in the class to join their table.  Everyone had a role on each of the learning teams and they worked together to solve the problem.  The reader read the word problem to the group:  they worked together to find the answer, the writer recorded the work, and then the walker walked to the back table to find the matching fact card.  We had a race to see which team could answer the most problems correctly.  This activity was both fun AND eye opening because it really let me see what true team work looks like.  It helped me learn more about how to help my students be better team players as well.

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