Saturday, January 26, 2013

Secret Valentine, Super Numbers, and a FREEBIE

It's been quite a crazy last couple of weeks with all the snow days that we've had.  I'm enjoying it though because it's given me time to finish some projects that I've been working on.  

My valentine literacy pack, "Secret Valentine," is now available at my TPT store.  Click on any of the pictures below to preview the 10 literacy activities that are included. 

We will be starting a new math unit on 2-digit numbers, place value to 120, 10 more/10 less, and comparing numbers.  My first grade team worked together to develop a unit sequence that we think is developmentally appropriate for our students.  The units that we create contain essential questions, unit sequence, and tons of resources.  You can click HERE to see what our unit looks like.  

My boys LOVE batman, so they inspired me to do a Super Hero themed MEGA PACK to go our next math unit.  This math pack contains 18 math games ranging from place value, hundreds chart, addition/subtraction, word problems, and comparing numbers.  You will find everything you need to teach 2-digit numbers.  Click HERE to preview the entire 107 page download of Super Numbers.  It contains games geared toward both boys AND girls!  

 You can download the Super Stories mini book from this unit for FREE by clicking HERE.  You students will enjoy these super hero themed story problems while practicing hopping on the number line to add by 10's.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  I know I will...dinner date with my hubby tonight!! :-)


Sarah said...

How cute! I love it all :) Have fun at dinner tonight!


Albuquerque Amy's First Graders said...

Wow, your hard work shines through. This looks fabulous! Thanks for showing it to us.

Michelle McElhinny said...

Thanks Sarah!! And OH I WILL!! It's all you can eat steak!!