Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lots of NEW items and REQUESTS

I have been busy, busy, busy creating new things to jazz up my classroom and I hope to share some of that color with your classroom too!  

As I was making the decision to pick up a new graphic designer, I came across these SO SO cute graphics on the Scrappin' Doodles website.  (See the reading posters below)  I instantly fell in LOVE and I just had to have them!!  So, will be seeing some Scrappin' Doodles in my products in the near future.  I'm not giving up on Thistlegirl Designs, because y'all know I LOVE those graphics too.  I'm just branching out.  :-)

I have used the beanie baby reading strategy posters since my first year of teaching I thought they needed a new update: POLKA DOTS!!  Click on any of the pictures to download the posters.  

These are the reading strategy posters that help students with decoding skills. 

This download contains 8 decoding posters:
Stretchy Snake
Chunky Monkey
Lips the Fish
Tryin' Lion
Skippy Frog
Eagle Eye
Flippy Dolphin
Helpful Kangaroo

 I also put a new spin on the comprehension strategy posters...Chevron!!  I made these especially for my bloggy idol...Cara Carroll because I know how much she LOVES some chevron!! These posters will remind students to use their strategies in order to comprehend what they are reading.

I had some requests recently from some very sweet ladies needing some things for their classrooms.  Here are a few of the things that I made especially for them that you could use in your classroom too.  If there's ever a time when you think of something that you wish you had or didn't feel like creating on your own, please feel free to email me!!!  I LOVE to create and I will do you a favor by making those products for you.  

My new friend Amber needed some center signs for her classroom and she loved the new polka dots that I've been using.  So here's what I came up with. 
 This download contains 43 different center/station signs for you to choose from:
Graphing Station
Math Games Station
Poetry Station
White Board Station
Hundreds Chart Station
Math Literature Station
Problem Solving Station
Word Study Station
Math Fluency Station
Meet with the Teacher
Writing Station
Computer Station
Listening Station
Science Station
Smart Board Station
Social Studies Station
Word Work Station
Read the Room Station
Write the Room Station
Letter Station
Big Book Station
Pocket Chart Station
Puppet Station
Art Station
Fine Motor Station
Sewing Station
Dramatic Play Station
Sand and Water Station
Play-Doh Station
Illustration Station
Retelling Station
Manipulatives Station
Discovery Station
Lego Station
ABC Station
Blocks Station
Home Living Station
Literacy Bag Station
Reading Station
Buddy Reading Station
Puzzle Station
Laptop Station
Projector Station

I like to call them stations, but Amber likes to call them centers.  You choose the center/station language and you can download the matching cards HERE for FREE!!

 Here are some of the customized  posters that Amber needed for her classroom.  She chose to call them centers instead of stations and she needed the posters to follow the routine that she already had in place in her classroom.  If you would rather your posters say "centers" instead of stations, click on the pictures below to download.

These are the matching pocket chart cards that you can use to display your center rotations.  Click on the picture to download them for FREE.

Another request that I had was from Trish, for more polka dot circle organization labels.  I added numbers and letters to the circle labels that I had in my Polka Dot Pirate Classroom Themed Materials download.  These circle labels do not have any pirates.   
 Included in this download are circle number labels 1-30...
 ...letters A-Z...
 ...and various classroom supply labels.

As with the other downloads, if there is anything missing that you would like to see in the download, please just ask.  I'm always happy to modify my products to meet your needs.  I hope you have some great ideas brewing for the new school year.  I can't put the break on my mind just yet.  One week until vacation and I'm determined to leave all of my school work behind.  Hopefully by then I will feel like I'm ahead of the game before we leave.  
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Tammy said...

Very cute posters and a lot of work. I am your newest follower.

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Michelle McElhinny said...

Thanks Tammy!! Be sure to join the giveaway that's going on right now. As soon as I hit 100 bloggy followers, one lucky winner will get to choose any 5 products from my TpT store for FREE!! You can click on the link to enter: