Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A SALE in Remembrance of My Dad

This Friday, April 20th, marks the ten year anniversary that my dad passed away suddenly from congestive heart failure.  I miss him so much and I can still remember all the times he made me laugh with his silly antics.  I still mimic those silly moments with my students and they just get a kick out of it.  While I visited Pennsylvania for Spring break, I had the chance to visit him:  

In remembrance of my dad and the carefree life that he lived, I'm holding a special sale this weekend as a tribute to his life.  Everything in my TpT store and in my Teachers Notebook store will be 20% off.  I will also be offering several FREEBIES throughout the weekend.  

April 20, 2002

I can remember that day like it was yesterday!  It was my first year at college and I was preparing for a visit from my parents.  This was going to be my parents first visit to see where I went to school.  They had planned a trip to come see a campus wide performance that I was going to be in.  I was anticipating a phone call from my mom to let me know when they were leaving.  It was about 10 minutes after the time that I had expected the phone call, my phone was my mom.  She proceeded to tell me that they were not going to be able to make the trip but she didn't want to tell me why because she didn't want to ruin my day.  I could tell by her voice that she had been crying so I asked her to please just tell me why.  (I can still hear the words that came out of her mouth.)  She said, "Your dad passed away last night in his sleep."  Oh my gosh, I can just remember the heart wrenching feeling that rushed through my body.  I felt empty...broken!  I couldn't stop the emotions that took over me.  I couldn't stop the crying!  Just to think that I never got to say good bye, never got that last hug, never got to say I love you!  I have so many things that I wish I would have done differently and things that I wish I had said.  That day changed my life forever! Be sure to say "I love you" and give those hugs because you never know when your loved ones will be taken from you! 

This is the last picture that I took with my dad.  
(My high school graduation.)

In Loving Memory of my dad:
Ronnie Kennedy
November 16, 1963 - April 20, 2002


Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

omgosh...TEARS are coming down my face right now for you right now!! I can't even imagine!! BIG hugs to you!!!!

luckeyfrog said...

I just now saw this, which is awful... but I completely feel for you. My dad died suddenly of a heart attack on the last day of 5th grade, and that shock is something that honestly changes the way you look at life. (Or at least, it did for me.)

Still... I am glad for the years of memories you had with your dad, and I hope that as time goes on, you remember more of the happy and less of the sad.

If you're anything like me, it was really hard for you to write this post- but I'm glad you did it.

Thinking of you! *hugs*

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