Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monster FREEBIE: A Present for YOU!!!


My family and I spent the weekend at our local amusement park celebrating my baby boy's 5th birthday.  He's not such a baby anymore!!  Here is the party crew of superheroes.  My boys are in the middle...Batman and Robin!  Gavin chose 2 friends from his boy and one girl.  They had a blast! 
 I even got to ride the carousel with my little Landen.  He actually sat still for the entire ride...that doesn't happen very often!
We had such a great time enjoying the fall festivities and celebrating our birthdays.  My hubby even took me on the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in the southeast.  He apparently saw the camera on the top of the coaster and was quick witted enough to think to make a silly face.  I was too worried about losing my sandals and the possibility of walking around barefoot the rest of the day!  HAHA!!
So since it's my birthday now...I have a present for YOU!!!
If you love the movie Monster's Inc., you are going to LOVE these cute literacy center activities featuring those adorable monsters.
 The ABC Order game will feature nasty monster words.  LOL!  YUCK!!
 The syllable counting game will have students practicing the phonemes in a word.
 Monster Boggle will have your kiddos building words with the boggle board.

You will receive the following 10 literacy centers:

ABC Order: Put 3 monster words in order alphabetically
Building Words: Create words using the word “Monster's Inc.”
Word Wall: practice Writing word wall words (letters: B, U, G)
Syllable Counting: Say the word and count the sounds
Rhyming Words: See if the two words on the card rhyme
Nonsense Words: Read the word to see if it’s a real word
Boggle: Use the boggle board to make words
Graph a Word: Graph words by rolling a die
Sorting Sentences: Read and record telling and asking sentences
Spooky Stories: Read a monster story and write about it

I hope you love your monster FREEBIE!!!  Enjoy your Monday!!



Karyn said...

Hi Michelle!

These are so cute but I can't figure out where to download them. Looks like your family had a great time! :o)

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Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you!

Michelle McElhinny said...

I'm so sorry. I forgot to add the link. If you still have not found it on TPT, here is the link to get your FREEBIE: