Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sick Day and A Poem a Week

 Today started for me as usual, until I was walking out the door.  My nanny, that watches my boys in the morning, calls to cancel because she was sick.  So I thought, "Yay me!  I get a free day to stay at home with my boys and attend Gavin's preschool circus!"   It just so happens, that not even an hour after receiving that phone call that I come down with a stuffy nose and swollen glands.  So my nanny's sick day really turned out to be my own.  Oh well!  I got to see Gavin as a lion, seal, and an elephant at the preschool circus!!  It was just completely adorable!! It doesn't happen very often that I get to bring my baby to school in the morning because I have to be at school myself.  How did I get so lucky to be able to do it two times in one week!  LUCKY!!

During the little down time that I had today, I managed to complete this poem packet for you to download.  I have been using these poems from the beginning of the school year and never thought to post them.  I use the poems in my poetry station for students to practice handwriting, fluency, and word work.  You can use the printed pages as is, or you can make more work for yourself (like I do, lol) and rewrite them onto a large chart paper.  Either way, your students will love singing the songs and will enjoy writing them into their own poetry journal.  Click HERE to download "A Poem a Week."

This download is a 51 page compilation of fun poems/songs that you can use in your classroom for each of the school months. Each poem is attractively decorated with Thistlegirl Design's graphics.


Michelle said...

I love using poetry! Cute packet of lessons. I am your newest follower.


Michelle McElhinny said...

I know and the kids just love the poems. Be sure to stop by my giveaway post and leave a comment so you can be entered for a prize. The giveaway will end at midnight on Friday. Thanks for stopping by.